Rosemarie takes PLAR all the way

As Rosemarie drove home from the Essential Skills and PLAR Level 2 workshop, she felt empowered. She resolved to finally put her long-time dream into action. She was going to use Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) to obtain her mature grade 12 diploma.

“In addition to knowing first hand what the PLAR process was like, I also wanted to experience something I had wanted all my life and that was to walk down the aisle wearing a grad cap and gown, hear my name called and be handed my mature Grade 12 diploma.” -Rosemarie

A month after submitting her documentation to the adult and continuing education learning centre, Rosemarie was thrilled to get the news that she met the requirements for a diploma.

Following this accomplishment, Rosemarie knew that if she was to master the skill of helping her clients to create their own portfolios, she would have to start actively teaching others.

With a co-facilitator from a program called Job Quest Career Services, Rosemarie began meeting with three clients who wanted portfolios. Meetings were for three-hour blocks of time once or twice a month for a little over a year.

“At each PLAR working group, we coached our clients one-on-one. I found that the client was not overwhelmed if they worked on one section at a time.” – Rosemarie


Two of the clients submitted their portfolios as part of PLAR for mature grade 12 diplomas and both succeeded.

The third client created her portfolio to present to future employers but ended up also submitting it as part of a PLAR for grade 12 credits. She received two credits as a result and then enrolled in the adult education centre where she graduated with her grade 12 diploma.

For Rosemarie, getting her grade 12 diploma gave her the confidence to register at the University of Manitoba’s Certificate in Adult and Continuing Education Program (CACE). She applied for PLAR and obtained two credits.

“Although I registered so that I could have the experience of using PLAR for a university course, to be honest, in the past I had the fear of applying. I felt that because I did not have my bachelor of education degree I would maybe find the courses too difficult. I realized that I still had the fear of failing. I had that same fear when I first returned to school as a mature student with a grade nine education. My fear was needless; my marks have been excellent.” – Rosemarie

What Rosemarie’s clients say

“Doing PLAR has put me where I never thought I would be. When I graduated with my mature Grade 12 diploma last June, I was so excited that I threw my grad cap in the air after our small ceremony.

I have computer skills that are helpful and I want to take more courses thanks to the PLAR course. All this happened by doing my PLAR portfolio. I have found out a lot of things about myself that have put me in a totally different career direction.

The nine Essential Skills have helped me identify my strengths. I have found an inner confidence I did not know was there. ”


“Prior to starting my portfolio I would wonder about what to do with all the documents and certificates that I had stored away in a plastic bin. To me, they were important and I wanted to display them.

It has taken me three years to complete my portfolio and it sure is a good feeling to see all my hard work finally together in a binder. No more hunting for documents or certificates that I will need at any given time.

My self-confidence is renewed and my self-esteem has gone up a notch or two.

This exercise was worth doing as it made me set some goals for myself over the next few years.”


Due to personal reasons, I had quit school when I was in grade eleven. There was something missing in my life, I kept taking course after course until finally I realized wanted to have that grade 12 diploma.

I met Rosemarie who talked about PLAR and a Build Your Career Portfolio course. Immediately I knew it was what I had been looking for. I gathered all the certificates I had received over the years and was amazed at how many I had. I submitted them to the adult learning centre. Imagine how thrilled I was when I was told that, with all the documents submitted, I met the requirements to receive my grade twelve diploma.

I now have a confidence that oozes out of me and especially when I am working with my clients. Rosemarie and PLAR were the best things that happened to me in a long time.”

“Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.”

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