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Igniting the Power Within is a series of certification workshops on Essential Skills and Recognizing Prior Learning (RPL) for Aboriginal Communities.

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We're finished: Now It's Your Turn

Now that the story of Igniting the Power Within has ended, it's time for others to take the materials we built and use them in new ways.

Our aim was to develop learning materials about workplace Essential Skills and RPL that could be used in Aboriginal communities to recognize and document the skills, knowledge and gifts we all have.

Now that we have, it's your turn.

The copyrighted learning materials for all four levels of Igniting the Power Within are posted on this website. They contain the 'blueprint' for each level: the activities and tools and references.

Download them.

Use them for free.

It's your turn to ignite the power within.



The Igniting the Power Within Committee


Thank You All

The story of Igniting was possible only because you shared your own stories with us.

Thank you for honouring us with your support, your hard-working participation and your laughter.


The Igniting the Power Within Committee



For for more information, contact us at 1 204 272-5030

 For more of our story, check out our videos on Youtube:

Igniting the Power Within – In your community

Igniting the Power Within – Empowering the Youth

Igniting the Power Within – How can you make it work?


This journey will ignite your skills

We all have knowledge, skills and gifts that help us along in our journey.

But if we don’t know how to identify these qualities— or don’t see their value— It’s much harder to reach our employment and training goals.

Igniting the Power Within is a four-level series of certification workshops on Essential Skills and Recognizing Prior Learning (RPL).This training is aimed at Employment-related Coordinators, Training and Employment Counselors and Outreach Workers.

Each workshop will give you powerful tools for helping clients to identify and document their skills, knowledge and gifts as well as the steps they can take towards their goals.

First Nations, Métis and educational organizations have all worked together to create these workshops to meet the needs of Aboriginal communities.

Training includes lots of “learning by doing”. Honouring the oral tradition, workshops use drama performances, role-playing and hands-on activities.

This will give you a deep understanding of the material.

You can then pass this learning on to others.


With the training from Igniting the Power Within I am better able to do my job and I can explain to clients what they need. Using the portfolio as an employment and self-identity tool for Aboriginal people is a new awareness for me.
— Igniting the Power Within participant

Training subsidies available to those who qualify.
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